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What Are The Ways To Increase The Cylinder's Operating Speed?
- Apr 11, 2018 -

First, the cylinder pressure for the general cylinder 0.8MPa has been relatively large, and the plant can be used 0.7mpa, so it is not pressurized cylinder.
Second, increasing the diameter of the trachea helps shorten the length of the trachea. Some solenoid valves have limited flow and slow operation. You can choose other types of solenoid valves. The choice of solenoid valves is very important.
Third, measuring the power of the air pump is sufficient, the voltage of the motor is not a necessary indicator, but the flow or pressure of the air pump.
For “gas”, the 3-meter-long cylinder must work at the same time, there must be a large pressure drop, the pressure will directly affect the cylinder's speed, increase the cylinder's speed.

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