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Cylinder Related Knowledge
- Apr 11, 2018 -

The cylinder bore is the main body of the hydraulic cylinder. Its internal bore is generally made by precision machining such as boring, reaming, rolling or honing so that the piston and its seals and supports can slide smoothly, thereby ensuring the sealing effect and reducing wear; The cylinder bores a lot of hydraulic pressure, so it should have sufficient strength and stiffness.
The end caps are at both ends of the cylinder barrel and form a closed oil chamber with the cylinder barrel. Therefore, the end caps and the connecting parts thereof should have sufficient strength. In design, strength should be taken into consideration, and a structural structure with better processability should be selected. The guide sleeve guides and supports the piston or plunger. Some hydraulic cylinders do not have a guide sleeve and are directly guided by the end cap hole. This structure is simple, but the end cap must be replaced after wear.

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