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Cylinder Installation Tutorial
- Apr 11, 2018 -

(1) Before the cylinder is installed, it shall be subjected to no-load test operation and pressure test under the maximum working pressure of 1.5 times. It shall be used after normal operation and no leakage.
(2) Before inserting the cylinder into the pipeline, it must be clear what is in the pipeline to prevent debris from entering the cylinder.
(3) When there is a change in the load during the stroke, the cylinder with sufficient output force should be used and the buffer device should be added.
(4) Buffer Cylinder Before starting the operation, first tighten the buffer throttle valve in two smaller throttle positions, and then gradually open it until it is adjusted to a satisfactory buffer effect.
(5) Do not use the full stroke, especially when the piston rod is extended, use the piston rod to collide with the cylinder head. Otherwise, the load of the piston rod and the external connection can easily be concentrated.
The installation form of the cylinder shall be determined according to the installation position, purpose of use and other factors. Under normal circumstances, fixed cylinders are used. When it is necessary to continuously rotate with the working mechanism (such as lathes, grinders, etc.), rotary cylinders should be used. When special requirements are available, The corresponding special cylinder should be selected.

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