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The main features of thin cylinder
- Apr 11, 2018 -

(1) Buffer structure: Since the bore diameter and stroke are not large and the impact force is small, the cushion structure is often adopted.
(2) Piston seal structure: It adopts special-shaped two-way sealing structure, adopts C-shaped two-way sealing structure, has oil storage function, can provide oil, and can also be lubricated without oil, reflecting its low friction and good life reliability.
(3) The piston has two kinds of built-in magnetic rings and non-magnetic rings. There are magnetic switch slots in the periphery of the cylinder tube, and the magnetic plate has a magnetic switch, which provides the conditions for automatic control.
(4) The connection between the cylinder tube and the front and rear end caps: The C-type snap ring is used for the common piece, and the rear end cap and the cylinder tube are also used for extrusion and riveting.
(5) According to the needs of use, on the basis of the basic type, developed a variety of forms of cylinders, such as double-stretch cylinder, adjustable gas extension stroke, return stroke adjustable cylinder, double stroke cylinder, multi-stroke cylinder, Series increase force type cylinder, guide rod type cylinder, transformation-proof cylinder, heat-resistant cylinder, single-acting cylinder.

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