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Rotary cylinder features
- Apr 11, 2018 -

The rack-and-pinion type is due to reliable operation, suitable for driving large torque, easy to maintain and long life, so most rotary swing cylinders have adopted this kind of structure, the disadvantage is that the rotation swing angle depends on the length of the rack movement, so Larger in size, this is the most widely used type of rotary swing cylinder.
Blade-type swing cylinder is characterized by small size, compact structure, the disadvantage is that the manufacturing process is more complex, the maximum angle can not be greater than 270 °, and the high price, the rectangular seal ring on the blade does not have manufacturing standards, is not easy to repair after damage,
Spiral piston rod type, this type of cylinder is generally used for the clamping of machine tools or fixtures, and the rotation angle is generally 90° or 180°. The disadvantage is that the friction force is large and it is not suitable for rotary oscillation of mechanical transmission.
Helical gear type, this type of rotary cylinder piston rod and piston is a pair of large spiral angle gear to pay, with a large spiral angle of the piston along the piston rod for axial movement, so that the piston rod to produce rotational motion, the disadvantage is the cylinder With a long profile, the spiral is not easy to manufacture.

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