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Method for preventing cracking of cylinder block and cylinder head
- Apr 11, 2018 -

Causes of cracks in the cylinder block and cylinder head are due to structural irrationality, material and manufacturing process problems, as well as improper use and maintenance. From the perspective of use and maintenance, the specific measures to prevent cracks in the cylinder block and cylinder head are mainly The following points:
(1) The engine should not be overloaded for long periods of time because it will result in excessive thermal stress in the cylinder.
(2) Do not add cold water suddenly when the engine is at a high temperature.
(3) The scale in the water jacket should be removed in time.
(4) After the engine is started, it cannot be operated at high speed immediately to prevent the crankshaft from vibrating to increase the load on the cylinder, resulting in cracks in weak parts.
(5) Reasonable use of accelerator pedal.
(6) When parking outdoors during the winter season, the cooling water must be put on the net; when the engine is not easy to start, it is better to start after the heating water is warmed up; to stop temporarily for a long time (generally more than 2 hours), the cooling water should be let off , And put thoroughly; if not, you should start the engine at a proper time to keep the engine at a certain temperature.

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