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Cylinder related questions and answers
- Apr 11, 2018 -

Question 1: Cylinder growth, what are the relevant factors?
The growth rate of cylinders is mainly related to flow rate, load rate, and so on.
Question 2: How to determine if the cylinder pad is damaged?
Whether the cylinder head gasket is damaged or not is mainly to see if there is a leakage phenomenon in the cylinder, especially the joint between the cylinder head and the base body, if any, it shows that there is damage.
Question 3: What is the way to judge if the cylinder is in place?
The position of the cylinder is usually achieved by sensors. When the cylinder is in place, the sensor should be able to output the signal in place under normal conditions. The sensor usually uses magnetic switches, but it can also use proximity switches or photoelectric switches. Other switch sensors, however, sometimes, if there is no strict limit on the reaction speed of the cylinder, it can be judged by time.

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