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Cylinder cooling method
- Apr 11, 2018 -

The cylinders are arranged in two rows, and the left and right cylinders are on the same horizontal plane, that is, the included angle of the centerlines of the left and right two columns of cylinders is γ=180°, which is called opposite type. Its characteristic is that the height is small, the overall arrangement is convenient, and it is conducive to air cooling. This type of cylinder is used infrequently. In order to enable the inner surface of the cylinder to work normally at high temperatures, the cylinder and the cylinder head must be properly cooled.
There are two kinds of cooling methods, one is water cooling and the other is air cooling. A cooling water jacket is processed around the cylinder of the water-cooled engine and in the cylinder head, and the cylinder block communicates with the cylinder head cooling water jacket, and the cooling water is in water. The inside of the jacket is continuously circulated, taking away some of the heat and cooling the cylinder and the cylinder head.

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