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Cylinder arrangement
- Apr 11, 2018 -

(1) Inline
The cylinders of the engine are arranged in a row and are generally arranged vertically. The single-row cylinder block has a simple structure and is easy to process, but the length and height of the engine are relatively large. Generally, the following six-cylinder engines use single-row type.
(2) Type V
The cylinders are arranged in two rows. The included angle γ<180° between the right and left cylinder centerlines is called a V-type engine. Compared with an in-line engine, the V-type engine shortens the length and height of the engine body, increases the rigidity of the cylinder body, and reduces The weight of the engine, but increased the width of the engine, and the shape is more complex, processing difficulties, generally used for more than eight cylinders of the engine, the six-cylinder engine also uses this form of cylinder block.
(3) Opposite
The cylinders are arranged in two rows, and the left and right cylinders are on the same horizontal plane, that is, the included angle of the centerlines of the left and right two columns of cylinders is γ=180°, which is called facing type. It is characterized by small height, convenient overall layout, and favorable for air cooling. This cylinder is less applied.

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