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Analysis of abnormal wear
- Apr 11, 2018 -

1. The upper part of the cylinder is heavily worn: it is related to inhaling large amounts of dust or serious carbon deposits. It is necessary to maintain or replace the air filter, remove coke, and check whether it is caused by olein.
2. The bottom part of the cylinder is heavily worn: The engine oil contains a lot of metal abrasive particles or dust, and the clean oil should be replaced.
3. Severe wear in the middle of the cylinder: Corrosion wear and frequent cold start due to engine overcooling are related to the cooling system.
4. The first piston ring at TDC wears badly: it indicates that the engine is overheated and the heat is not good. Check the cooling system and the ignition system (including the spark plug selection) and check whether the connecting rod bearing is loose.

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